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Monthly Temperatures  

Averages between 72°F (22°C) and 92°F (33°C) in the Lowlands.
In the Central Highlands, averages between 44°F (7°C) and 71°F (21.6°C).

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When to Travel 
Being a tropical island the weather in Woderful Sri Lanka is good right through the year.Traditionally the tourist season is from November to March – the winter months of the western world. Nowadays, with tourists coming from all parts of the world, the season seems to extend throughout the year.

Visa Requirements

Tourists from many countries (Schedule) are granted 30 day landing visas upon entry without charge. Citizens not on this schedule should obtain a visa from the nearest Sri Lankan Mission before travelling.


The following are the main airlines that fly to Sri Lanka; Sri Lankan, Emirates, Singapore, Qatar, Cathay Pacific, Thai, Indian and Jet. Any major airline will connect up with these airlines to get you to Sri Lanka. You could easily book your tickets online with any of these Airlines.

Where to Go

Geographically there are five main areas that a visitor would normally travel to in Wonderful Sri Lanka; the Western Coast (for beaches), the Southern Coast (also for beaches), the Cultural Triangle for ancient ruins, the Hill Country for rain forests, tea estates, spice gardens and the City of Colombo (Main Cities).  Ayurvedic and Wellness Spas, hiking trails, bird watching locations and breathtaking sceneries can be found in all locations. Eco and Adventure locations are usually found in the interior of the Island, i.e., within easy distance of the four main areas. Wildlife sanctuaries are close to the Southern coast. We recommend that you do most of your shopping in Colombo.


We have compiled a Hotel Guide consisting of hotels that we are familiar with, for your consideration.  Our list gives brief descriptions of each hotel and are cross-referenced to the above five areas. 
Where Not to Go

It is strongly advised that you do not travel to the North and the East of Wonderful Sri Lanka due to the ongoing conflict with the LTTE. These areas will hopefully be opened up for travellers in the not too distant future. We will keep you posted.

Travelling Within the Country

If you are on your own we highly recommend that you rent a car with a chauffeur. There are many car rental agencies that you could contact. We have compiled a list of Car Rental Agencies that we are familiar with. Public transport (bus and railway) is very cheap but not at all comfortable. You may want to give it a try. Normally, you could also take a helicopter or sea plane to a number of destinations. These two modes of transport have been temporarily halted due to security reasons. Map 
How to Book your Travel

Firstly enquire whether your usual travel agent can make all your bookings. Your next best bet is dealing with a travel agency operating in your country with experience in the South Asian market. If you want to do it on your own, we highly recommend that you go with any one of the best known online travel booking agencies such as Expedia and Travelocity. There are a few Sri Lanka-based online travel agencies such as Go Lanka and We also give you a List of Travel Agencies in Sri Lanka that specialise in inland travel. 
Do not forget to buy adequate Travel and Medical Insurance for your trip.Please read the attached Health Information and make sure that you protect yourself adequately before travelling.

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