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Sigiriya, the Rock Kingdom

This page is dedicated to help you tailor-make your itinerary so that you have an unforgettable trip.   
Step 1 - Decide what you want to do  
There are four main themes that you can work around:

i. Enjoy the Beach: This could mean just lying on the beach and doing nothing, going for leisurely strolls, snorkling, diving, skiing and a host of other things. The Western and Southern Coasts are the two areas to visit.

Hint: You can get a suggested list of places to stay by selecting the geographic location you want to visit in our Hotel Guide, eg., Western Coast. The Guide also gives you other sort features such as Star Category of Hotel.

ii. Visit the Cultural Triangle: The Triangle is in the North Central part of the Island, and is about 150kms from Colombo. This location is ideal for those who dig culture, archaeology, history, ancient architecture, ruins of ancient kingdoms etc.
iii. Go around the Hill Country: The “out of this world” sights you will see as you travel around will include misty mountains, rain forests, spice gardens, tea plantations and an unbelievable variety of flora. 

iv. Visit Colombo: The City of Colombo whilst having a unique identity of its own, has everything a big city has to offer, whether it be shopping, eating out, night life, casinos, museums, art galleries, or theatre – in short just about anything.  
Hint: The country has much more to offer; adventure and eco holidays, bird watching, hiking, cycling, wild life and
 Ayurveda and wellness spas. Our Hotel Guide can be sorted by Spas, Eco and Adventure. Bird watching, hiking and cycling can be done from almost any location. The wildlife sanctuaries close to the Southern Coast.
Step 2 - Decide on where to visit and where to stay

Our Hotel Guide gives you a good choice of where to visit and to stay. Our list only includes places that we are familiar with. If you want to look for other places to stay, any of the on-line sites and/or your travel agents can help.

Hint: Do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our utmost to supply the information you need.

Here are some suggestions:

i. Ideally you need at least two nights at any location to do it justice. The best would be three to four nights. Rest assured that there are plenty of things to occupy your time from any of the locations we recommend.

ii. If you are only interested in the Beach you may want to stay at two locations, time permitting.

iii. Similarly, the Hill Country could be broken into the Kandy and Nuwara Eliya areas, although one location will do quite nicely.
Step 3 -  How to spend your time at each location 

Of course what you do is entirely up to you! Hopefully the following tips will be useful:

i. It is best that you plan your side trips and excursions once you get to your location. The Concierge or the Front Desk at every location will be able to provide you with details of what is on offer. This could include information on hiking trails, sight-seeing tours, wildlife trips, diving with proper instruction, etc., etc.

ii. Having a local guide can be very helpful. We strongly recommend that you use the services of guides  who are recommended by the hotels.
Hint: If you are using one, your chauffer will be your ideal guide except for situations that require some expertise, such as hiking through a jungle.  

Step 4 – How to get about 

Public transport is extremely cheap and uncomfortable. If want to experience it, by all means do so. However, you may not wish to use it for all your transportation needs. A long train ride (say from Colombo to Kandy) can be a nice experience. We recommend that you use a chauffer-driven vehicle, which can be hired relatively cheaply. Although, you can drive yourself, it is not recommended as driving about can be a maddening experience!  We have included a list of Car Rental Agencies for your convenience. Vehicles come in all sizes. We recommend the use of a car for up to three people. Bigger vehicles are available depending on the number travelling.
Hint: Arrangements for a vehicle could also wait till you get to your hotel. Make sure you convey your requirements (such as an air-conditioned vehicle and English speaking chauffer) quite clearly and do not use the vehicle sent unless you are totally satisfied with it.
Hint: You need not have a car at your disposal whilst in Colombo. Radio Cabs are very cheap, comfortable and convenient. You may want to experience a three-wheeler ride in Sri Lanka - be extremely careful, always agree on the price before you get in.

A Customised Search Box appears on this page for your convenience. Hope you found the above useful.    

We sincerely hope you enjoy your trip to Wonderful Sri Lanka. Remember, you can always contact us.