3 Star, Western Coast, USD 20 to 75, Spa

If you plan to have Ayurveda therapy, and cannot leave your children at home, Siddhalepa is a good choice. Located  close to the beach at Wadduwa, a two hour drive from the airport, the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort oozes with local charm. Themed on a local village, the resort is equipped with all modern comforts of a first class hotel. Unlike many Ayurveda resorts, Siddhalepa has facilities and accepts children.

Apart from the Ayurvedic menu, a wide range of International delicacies are on offer. The large garden, shady trees, wide beach, family sized rooms, glass marbled swimming pool with Jacuzzi, children's pool among other facilities, offers you the possibility of spending your holiday with your family in a professionally run, exclusive Ayurveda resort.

The resort has 50 spacious and comfortable rooms. The three-story super luxury villa of the Resort. Provides a panoramic view of the Resort as well as the surrounding area. This is ideal for a family for a private, homely and comfortable stay. Imagine living in a chalet which has medicinal qualities! Scattered around the large garden are themed chalets. Some chalets' floors are paneled with timber used from medicinal trees. Treading on the floor with bare feet promotes relief and remedial effects, depending on the benefits of the medicinal trees and plants.

Some walls are entirely made with mole-hill clay impregnated with the juice of crushed leaves of various medicinal herbs. Merely living in one of these chalets invigorates, cleanses and purifies your senses.  

Your rejuvenation programme will include Herbal massage, Hydro-therapy, Sauna, Herbal medication, Oil treatment, Yoga and Meditation sessions. The programs are well designed and administered by a team of eminent Ayurveda scholars & specialists descending from four generations of Ayurvedic scholastic reputation. 

All medicinal oils, tonics etc., are manufactured under ISO 9001 International Quality Standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) published by the Ministry of Health for Ayurvedic preparations in Sri Lanka. Siddhalepa has its own Ayurvedic Herb Gardens as these ingredients are used in the manufacture of Ayurvedic preparations.  

Right concentration leading to focus of the mind is one of the main concepts for mental harmony. Purification of thought leads to mental harmony, the elixir for good health. To achieve this, the resort conducts sessions in meditation in addition to week-end, weekly, fortnightly, tri-weekly, monthly and two-three month training programs teaching the basics of Ayurveda, specially designed & projected by a panel of Ayurveda scholars and specialists.

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