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Nisala Arana is exactly what the name suggests. It is a tranquil haven, a perfect place to get away from it all. It is only an hour's drive from Colombo, 2.9 km inland from Galle Road turning off the main road near the Aluthgama Bridge onto Circular Road. Few would notice Nisala Arana being just behind Madu Ganga. 

This traditional Sri Lankan Walauwa will set your mind at ease and relax you from the moment you step inside its large gates. Although built in the Dutch period, the place has a wonderfully softer appearance unlike many Dutch period heavy structures.  

You're immediately at peace within its walls and its surroundings. The entire house is furnished with traditional or antique furnishings but somehow gives a touch of contemporary sophistication. This luxury Walauwa has six rooms, two in the main house and two adjoining the main house and two more upstairs, right above the garage. 

Nisala Arana is not about Jacuzzis, air conditioned compartments, cable TV or fine dining. It is about being truly Sri Lankan….. , not forgetting the simply luxuries life has to offer.  

The owners Jill and Kevin have clearly shown their respect and love for traditional Sri Lankan living by the unspoiled and traditional maintenance of this rustic yet luxury hideaway. The hospitality of the owners and the staff will only make your stay complete, living up to the expectations of true Sri Lankan hospitality.
The main house is mostly suitable for a family, with its hall and dining areas and sharing bathroom. The rooms are traditionally adorned in large four-poster beds and tasteful antique furniture. To keep in touch with tradition, no part of this house is air-conditioned but the ceiling fans and large windows will give you plenty of breeze for a good night sleep. The beds are beautifully decorated with old-fashioned netting, which will no doubt keep you safe from mosquitoes.  

The house is built to bring in natural light and air. The main house also consists of a traditional dining area overlooking an open-to-sky, still water pond.The second villa, a recent addition to the Walauwa is a few feet away from the main one and is built with two rooms and attached bathrooms.  

The two rooms above the garage is the latest addition but built to blend beautifully with the existing architecture, the only change being the large heavily carved doors being Jaffna antiques belonging to the architecture of the northern part of the island.  

Dining will be in the pavilion, overlooking the pool and the entire villa. Built to love the outdoors, the pavilion is a wonderful place to sit and relax or sip a drink. You can hear hundreds of bird calls from here as Nisala Arana is also great for bird watching.

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