3 Star, Southern Coast, USD 20 to 75, Spa

Lawrence Hill Paradise hotel is located on a hill 400 meters away from the beach near the small town of Hikkaduwa, 3 ½ hours south of Colombo. This serene Ayurvedic resort with a tropical garden and designer shaped pool is a tranquil retreat. This German owned and managed hotel is efficiently run, delivering service of a very high standard. Lawrence Hill is close enough to the beach, where you can take a leisurely evening stroll and remote enough to relax in the quiet large spacious tropical garden.

The rooms, adorned with Buddhist wall paintings are quite large and extremely comfortable without being luxurious. The rooms are equipped with telephone and ladies hair dryer. The large bathrooms include hot water and shower.

You'll have everything you need to be comfortable, without being tempted to plug in a laptop; however it is not forbidden either.

The treatment rooms are tastefully styled and professionally designed. You'll get a feeling of the rooms being clean and hygienic contrary to the usual "hospital atmosphere". Having 2 doctors and 15 therapists, the initial & final consultations are professionally performed. The Pancha karma and rejuvenation treatments are provided with the utmost care and conscientiousness. The service quality actually speaks for itself; the ratio between guests and therapeutic staff is almost 1:1. Lawrence Hill offers a cure the comfortable way. 

Meals usually are served buffet-style; the food is marked; and to be taken according to the suitability of your Dhosha. Yoga and meditation are part of the daily life. 

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