4 Star, Western Coast, USD 75 to 200, Spa

Aida I is an idyllic resort located by the Bentota river. This first class Ayurveda resort is clean, great Ayurveda programs and good value for money. Aida Bentota bordering the Bentota river, and flanked by a lush tropical garden, is a few minutes walk from the beach. It is stylish, elegant and above all peaceful.

Purpose-built with style and elegance, this Ayurveda resort offers you the perfect balance between traditional Sri Lankan architecture, modern comforts and functionality as an Ayurveda resort. The end result is a unique atmosphere; an atmosphere which you will find yourself relaxed, at ease and at peace with yourself. This airy well-designed resort consists of several pavilions connected by open passages on different levels. Natural breeze wafts across the wide open passages and spaces.

Large tropical garden and Swimming pool is quite inviting indeed! The restaurant bordering the pool offers vegetarian and Ayurvedic meals, and is reserved exclusively for in-house guests. Aida also has a separate restaurant in the River wing, which has a wonderful view of the Bentota river. This restaurant serves a wide selection of international food and beverages.

Aida Bentota contains 41 rooms. The rooms are located in two main areas. The main building contains 14 guest rooms with one suite rooms. The suite room contains two rooms. Rooms in the main building are located in two floors. All rooms in the main building gives you a wonderful view of the lush, tropical garden. Each room has a private terrace or balcony. The riverside pavilion contains two sections. The 'river view' which contains 6 rooms and the 'river base', which contains a further 19 rooms located on three floors. The river base rooms were completed in January 2003. All rooms are with King sized bed, air-conditioning, TV, personal safe and telephone. 

The modern Ayurveda health centre with a private consultation room is locate on the main building. 12 treatment rooms, 04 pavilions for flower and herbal baths, and a sauna fired by fragrant local woods. Upon arriving at the Ayurveda centre, the resident Ayurveda doctor will initially conduct an examination and diagnose you.This will be followed by a health programme based on Ayurveda principles exclusively designed to meet your individual requirements taking to account your special needs. You will also be recommended a special diet programme by the doctor. Some of your treatment will include; Shirodhara (head or face massage with warm herbal oil, or complete body massage), Nasya (intensive de-clogging of the nose sinus area), Herbal baths, Steam baths, Eye baths etc. However, the treatment plan will depend on your diagnosis and consultation type. The medicine provided to you for detoxification of your body, as well as the numerous, herbs and oils are freshly harvested and prepared by the experts at Aida. Total care for your body, mind and soul! It is believed that proper Ayurveda treatment under qualified Ayurveda doctors will rejuvenate your body back to its natural rhythm and infuse you with renewed energy and vitality. You will also experience relief from the stress and strain, and be able to achieve internal harmony. You will be provided with your very own report of recommended diet and guidelines for good health that you could practice when you return home.

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