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"The Waitress" - a great serving game

Although the game may be slow, its a game where you cannot afford to make a single mistake. Well you can in the start but the moment you make one as the game picks up speed its going to get hectic.

Its another point and click game where you take down the orders, serve the food and clean the tables. That's just the basic part, you also have to knock on the door to get the guy to refill coffee cups, refill the fridge with cold drinks, wash the dishes or take out the trash.

The chef cooks just one thing at a time, each item takes the same amount of time to prepare. So place an order then get the drinks, the game is a little slow at the start but picks up pretty fast after four or five orders. 

So go ahead and try your hand at serving people, you start off with three lives and loose one if you have a customer who walks out of you, your lives increase as you progress through the game as well. Theres a list of high scores that's pretty tough to get on as well!

Twenty20 Cricket

Twenty20 cricket is the latest craze of the cricketing world, join in the fun with a 15-over match in SABC Sport Cricket Challenge to test your timing and judgment. What will get you runs is your hand-eye co-ordination and ability to smash the ball to the boundary.

Select the two teams from South Africa's domestic teams. The bowler will bowl at varying speeds and lengths, its up to you to select the right stroke. 

A small indicator appears at the bottom of the screen to help you choose the correct shot. You can play the classic cut shot with the right arrow key, or pull the ball over square leg with the left arrow key. For a textbook straight drive press the up arrow key and for forward defensive use the low arrow key. 

For more powerful shots use the shift key along with the shot you choose to play, but it doesn't assure a well-executed shot. It will take a little while to get used to, but once you get used to the timing the scoring becomes much easier. 

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