Location: 69, Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2
Tel: .94 (0)11 7219169
Hours: 10 am to 10 pm  (Friday and Saturday up to 11 pm)
Cuisine: Fusion, Casual Dining, Halal 
Price: Inexpensive

Overall: 4  Food Quality: 4.5  Service: 3.5  Ambience: 4 

The Urban Kitchen brings a unique concept of dining to Sri Lanka. It is part restaurant and part food court. The owners refer to the concept as the ”food factory concept”. The facility is large and can seat 250, 180 of the seats indoors in air-conditioned comfort. The indoor area is very bright, very comfortable and tastefully decorated.

The Urban Kitchen is inexpensive. Considering what one gets, the value preposition is superb. The staff are very friendly, well trained and makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in. The waiting time after ordering the food is a bit too much. This is something the management is addressing at present.

All meats at the Urban Kitchen are Halal-based. They do not serve pork or liquor. The focus is very much on healthy food.  At lunch time in addition to the a-la-carte menu, diners have a choice of having either a Sri Lankan or Chinese meal, both laid out buffet-style. The menu is extensive and very inexpensive. It is divided into Asian, pasta, grilled items, sandwiches, salads, kids menu and desserts. The Asian section features Sri Lankan, Chinese, Thai and Malaysian cuisine. The choices are many, and there is bound to be something in the menu to satisfy everyone’s taste. Seafood Laksa, vegetarian Laksa, hot lamb baguette, steak sandwich, flame-grilled chicken salad, pan-seared modha  (white fish) and chicken Char Kway Teow are examples of some of the attractive dishes available.

The Urban Kitchen is located in the property of a mega-store and the whole locality is quite busy during the day. However at night time things quieten down considerably. Whatever time you get in, once you are in, the atmosphere is quite pleasant, peaceful and comfortable. There is plenty of parking available in the premises.

We highly recommend the Urban Kitchen as a great place where you get real value for the money you spend. It is ideal for a family outing.

fazla mohamed
5/12/2009 08:25:31

Urban Kitchen is awsum, specially pizzas over dere .....hmmmmmmmmmmm........yummy.....hope to go dere again soon

Ranjith De Silva
3/8/2010 16:56:13

We are looking for few set menus for our
city tour as we want to minimize the time spent there as well we will inform you at least one day before.please send suitable menu with rice & curry and prices (net) as we are a travel agent
W.Ranjith De Silva
operarions executive
Look Asia Holidays Lanka (pvt) Ltd
103/1/1, Isipathana Mawatha,

Urban Angel
3/31/2010 04:05:05

Service is excellent. Healthy looking menu but watch out for what goes in there. tasty is not always healthy.

4/1/2010 03:20:23

recommend the Chicken Blackbean sauce with steamed rice. It is world class

10/6/2010 04:10:13

urban kitchen is awesome the sweet corn soup.in rice Nasi goreng and urban rice are the best

11/21/2010 20:42:02

I went there couple of times and was very sick both times! Appalled at the "packing charge" for a cheap Styrofoam box and a lunch sheet!

Stay away!!!!!!!

6/18/2011 19:43:34

Extremely expensive for a Sri Lankan with a normal salary. Quality of the food is very good. But the price added with service charge and VAT means the target market is high end. So everyone will not get the chance to enjoy. Good place though if you have the money.

8/17/2011 16:23:43

"The staff are very friendly, well trained and makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in."

Rubbish.... I went to urban kitchen almost year ago.. It's the first time I went there so I directly went to the cashier to order foods. then they told me If foods are to serve here (not take away) I do not want to order from there please take a seat someone will come to take your menu.

So I waited there with my other friends nearly half and hour and nobody came we saw waiters taking orders from the people came after us to the place...

I then walk to one of them and told how poor they're services and leave with my friends... I never again went to the place.

1/5/2012 10:57:37

this is rubbish restaurant ,no customer satisfaction ,these people money mind

4/20/2012 06:00:15

Not great1


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