Location: 32, Walukarama Road, Colombo 3
Tel: 94  (0)716 888777
Hours: Noon to 3 pm and 7 pm to midnight
Cuisine: Casual Dining, Halal
Price: Inexpensive  

Overall: 3  Food Quality: 4  Service: 3.5  Ambience: 2.5 

The Sizzle gives diners a unique experience. Almost all items on their menu are served on sizzling hot plates, even the desserts!! The Sizzle is conveniently located in a quiet street in Central Colombo housed in an old converted house. It has many nooks and crannies and some rooms which affords diners all the privacy they need.

The restaurant serves Halal food and does not serve pork-based dishes or liquor. Their drinks menu features a good selection of mocktails and some milkshakes.

All the main meals come on sizzling platters and feature a wide choice including steak, mutton, lamb, chicken, seafood, fish and vegetarian. These platters are served with your choice of starch (french-fries, mashed potato, baked potato, potato wedges), carbs (rice, noodles, pasta) and sauces (pepper, garlic, tomato, hot chilli, asparagus, sweet and sour, ginger, oyster).

There is a separate menu for kids, several lunch time specials and even sizzling biriyanis. The main meal comes in a choice of small and regular. The regular portion is quite filling. If you are planning on having a starter and dessert, we recommend you selecting the small main meal. Most of the starters are also sizzler platters. In addition there are a few soups and seafood and other cocktails. The sizzling desserts are a real treat – there are cheesecakes, lemon meringue, brownies and a date crème brulee, just to name a few, all served with ice cream.

The Sizzle can seat 85 persons. The interior, whilst very comfortable and roomy has very drab decor. The service is quite good. All in all, a great place to go out with friends and family.   

Tushar Amalean
4/25/2009 01:05:47

Thank you very much for updating a wonderful article about us. This is truly a first hand experience that you have portrait. I am so very pleased that everyone is enjoying this concept. We will publisice this website to our contacts in our email promotions.

Sir, 2 corrections we would be obliged if you could make on this article
1. our address should be 32, Walukarama Road, instead of "732". This is just a simple typing error
2. Please change our contact number to 0716 888 777 . This is our Sizzling Hotline for customers. The other number is a general office number.
Thank you once again for all your support.

4/26/2009 14:52:33

Thanks for your comments! Corrections done. Sincerely, Dusty.

Tilak N. Gunawardana
5/27/2009 09:01:27

I have always enjoyed the ambiance, the staff and their service and of course the food at the "SIZZLE" They are extra-ordinary and sometimes out of this world !!! When I visit the SIZZLE, I feel at-home, do not feel the passage of time, and often I am the first to come and last to leave - after a hearty meal !!!!!!
Good Luck the SIZZLE and keep it up !! See you all soon !!!!

6/5/2009 01:03:55

Thank you Mr. Tilak, our Laila Ali Privilege card valued customer. Apologies for not replying you earlier. Indeed, it is our pleasure to serve our customers. Your words express the excellent and woderful feeling that you are having at our restaurant. We will always endeavour to excel in our service. We always look out for input from our customers on any areas needing our attention. Your comment above has loaded many feathers in our cap and pride for our staff. Thank you once again and we will see you soon.

9/19/2011 10:26:37

Sizzle is one of the must-try restaurants in Colombo.

1/20/2012 00:20:47


can you please mail me and let me know if all the meat is halal and where the meat is procured from.


12/11/2012 22:23:11

I think the meat may not be halal because this popular restaurant, despite its claims to be halal, has not got the certification, even after 3 years of its existence, and they don't provide any information if you inquire about the source of the meat & ingredients. I stopped patronizing this place after I did not receive a reply to my inquiries about the same in 2009.

Nazily Cassim
11/20/2013 22:29:18

Hi, I tried this place, could not enjoy most of the foods are filled with sauces, oyster, garlic etc..sizzling hot take about 15-20 min to eat by that time all appetizer gone, not worth the money.


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