Location: 17, Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 4
Tel: .94 (0)11 2582685
Hours: 11 am to 11.30 pm
Cuisine: Thai
Price: Moderate

Overall: 3  Food Quality: 3.5  Service: 3  Ambience: 4 

Siam House is a very popular haunt of local residents. It is conveniently located in a quiet street in a very residential part of Colombo, close to all the major hotels. The restaurant is a converted old house and has many separate dining spaces that afford privacy to diners. It is tastefully decorated and quite impressive. The prices are very reasonable (on the low side of “moderate”). The service, although not bad, could be better! Some of the staff do not seem to be very conversant as to what is on offer.

The menu is very extensive. All of the usual Thai favourites are available. The dishes featuring seafood are great. There are many cuttle fish, fish, crab and prawn preparations. Some of the favourites amongst patrons are; Meat/fish Penang (red curry), meat/fish Kheaw Wan (green curry), Deep fried or steamed whole Garupa, spicy mango salad, spicy papaya salad, roasted beef salad, Suriyaki soup and various pai noodles dishes.

The desserts menu features a few run-of-the-mill desserts. Liquor, beer and cocktails are also available. The restaurant can seat about 225 of which 175 seats are in air-conditioned areas.

Considering the low prices, the Siam House is an excellent value proposition. The relaxed atmosphere and the good food, which is different from the food served at the numerous Chinese restaurants in the City, make it a good choice for a  meal away from home.

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